Privacy Policy

The 22nd International Conference on Developments in Language Theory (hereinafter referred to as “DLT2018”) takes strict precautions in protecting personal information and places great importance in privacy.

  • Acquisitions of Personal Information

The website of DLT2018 collects personal information in some instances. Such collected information is that which is necessary for such things as the provision of accurate information to users and enabling DLT2018 to contact participants.

  • Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Personal information that you have registered will never be used for any purposes other than answering inquiries. However, personal information may be disclosed in the case of legal requests, in the case that the person concerned consents to disclosure, or in the case that disclosure is necessary for maintaining the security of DLT2018.

  • Storage

In order to prevent third parties from wrongfully accessing personal information, personal information will be stored under a management system that is secure within reasonable limits. In the event that DLT2018 deems that the purpose of use has been accomplished and storage of personal information is no longer necessary, it may delete said information in some instances.